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Where There’s a Castle, There’s a Way

by Travelive Team

11 Nights/ 12 Days

Lisbon, Tomar, Quinta da Cardiga, Seville

  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Lisbon
  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Tomar
  • 1 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Quinta da Cardiga
  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Seville
  • Lisbon’s Templar Highlights
  • The Regal Sintra
  • Tomar Discovery
  • The Templar Countryside: Dornes, Monsanto, Batalha
  • Seville’s Medieval Charm
  • Spanish Flavors and Aromas
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 A Day in Lisbon

Welcome to Portugal! Start your adventure in Lisbon, a city of captivating contrasts. Visit the iconic Belém Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery, echoing Templar secrets. Enjoy lunch in Belém, then spend the afternoon at the National Archaeology Museum, discovering hidden Templar treasures. As the sun sets, immerse yourself in Lisbon’s charm, where history and modernity beautifully blend.

Day 2 Charming Sintra

Today’s excursion will take you on a relaxing tour of Sintra, a mystical destination where Quinta da Regaleira awaits. Visit the National Palace of Sintra and climb the Castelo dos Mouros for breathtaking medieval views. After a delightful lunch in Sintra, wander through the charming village. Return to Lisbon, enchanted by Sintra’s magic.

Day 3 Tomar and Dornes

Journey to Tomar, the heart of Templar history. Discover the Convent of Christ and the Castle of Tomar, showcasing a blend of Templar and Renaissance architecture. Wander through Tomar’s historic center, enjoying its charming streets and relaxed atmosphere. Relish a traditional Portuguese lunch with regional wines, then visit the Aqueduto dos Pegões. Next, travel to Dornes to see the isolated Castelo de Almourol. Explore the Convento de Nossa Senhora do Carmo and savor lunch amid Dornes’ tranquility before returning to Tomar.

Day 4 Historic Monsanto

Embark on a captivating journey to Monsanto, one of Portugal’s 12 historic villages, nestled on a granite mountain. As you wander through picturesque streets, uncover Monsanto’s history, marked by legendary battles. Delve into the rugged landscape, discovering why Monsanto is hailed as the most Portuguese village. Reach the castle, adorned with historic remnants, and offering panoramic views, where the Castelo de Monsanto reigns supreme. Explore the Ruínas da Capela de Sao Miguel and absorb the village’s unique charm. Enjoy a delicious lunch in onsanto before a stroll through Matriz de Monsanto church, creating lasting memories.

Day 5 The Templar Legacy of Tomar

Delve deeper into the history of Tomar with today’s tour. Explore the Santa Maria do Olival church and Fósforos Templários Museum. Santa Maria do Olival, built around 1160 by Gualdim Pais, is significant for its Templar association and serves as a mausoleum for knights. The Fósforos Templários Museum features the world’s largest matchbox collection, showcasing vibrant miniature artworks. After lunch, enjoy a leisurely afternoon soaking in Tomar’s historic charm and rich Templar legacy.

Day 6 Next stop, Batalha

Travel to Batalha to explore the magnificent Batalha Monastery, a stunning example of late Gothic Portuguese art and architecture, blending Gothic and Manueline styles. This monument narrates tales of battles and triumphs, symbolizing Portuguese maritime expansion. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, then visit the Porto de Mós Castle to uncover more of the region’s rich history.

Day 7 Tour to Quinta da Cardiga

Continue your Templar adventure with a visit to Quinta da Cardiga, once owned by the Knights Templar and later the Order of Christ. This stunning estate features a Manueline portal and preserves 17th and 18th-century tiles. Adjoining the grand mansion are quaint former farmworkers’ dwellings, adding to the historical charm of this remarkable site. Depart for Lisbon with unforgettable memories from this extraordinary Templar pilgrimage.

Day 8 Lisbon to Seville

The charming city of Seville is a must-see for any Templar enthusiast. Travel to the Spanish gem and let its rich history, culture, and tradition, take you on an extraordinary journey of the senses.

Day 9 Walking City Tour with Cathedral and Real Alcazar

Discover Seville’s highlights accompanied by your experienced guide. Explore the Santa Cruz Quarter, the ancient Jewish area, and the city’s charming streets adorned with whitewashed facades. Visit the Cathedral, the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, and the Reales Alcazares, Europe’s oldest Royal Palace still in use. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Alcazar features palaces and gardens reflecting its Moorish heritage. Seville Cathedral, once a mosque, boasts a wooden main altar and the iconic “La Giralda” bell tower.

Day 10 Cordoba Tour and Mosque Cathedral

Today’s exclusive tour invites you to uncover the rich cultural and monumental heritage of Cordoba. Once the capital of Hispania Ulterior under the Roman Empire and later the Umayyad Caliphate, Cordoba boasts a storied past. Recognized by UNESCO, the city’s historic significance extends beyond the renowned Mosque-Cathedral to encompass its surrounding streets and buildings. Accompanied by your experienced guide, delve into Cordoba’s history, from its Roman and Islamic roots to its Christian influences. Explore the Mosque-Cathedral, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture with a complex history spanning centuries of conflict and coexistence between cultures.

Day 11 The Tapas Quest

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture accompanied by your experienced local guide with today’s journey through bars and taverns renowned for their exquisite tapas. Indulge in the authentic flavors of Spain and savor local delicacies while you soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Spanish life. Learn about the rich tradition of tapas and how it reflects the convivial spirit of Spanish culture, where sharing food and enjoying good company are cherished traditions passed down through generations.

Day 12 Departure

After a 12-day journey, your Templar adventure comes to an end. Your driver will pick you up from your hotel and ensure you reach the airport in time for your flight home.

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