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8 Nights/ 9 Days

Istanbul, Crete, Athens

You are all about relaxing and unwinding with a piña colada on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship, but somehow, your hardcore traveling friends’ eagerness will drag you around every touristy attraction along the way. And now you have to design a whole itinerary? Oh no…

Well, this is where we come in! Our travel experts will take care of all the details so you can enjoy a serene escape and at the same time, visit all the significant sites that will keep your friends satisfied and your Instagram rolling for days.

Follow us for 3 nights of luxury in captivating Istanbul, 3 nights in the wild landscapes of Crete, and 2 nights amidst the ancient splendors of Athens. Immerse yourself in Istanbul’s vibrant Asian side, cruise along the stunning Bosphorus, and explore the city’s wonders. Discover the rich history and traditions of West Crete, including the marvelous Knossos Palace. In Athens, delve into its rich history and savor authentic Athenian flavors. With seamless transfers and daily breakfasts, every moment is designed for indulgence and discovery, turning your trip into an unforgettable adventure.

  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Istanbul
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Crete
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Athens
  • Istanbul Asian Side
  • Bosphorus Cruise
  • Wonders of Istanbul
  • History and Tradition of West Crete
  • The Marvelous Knossos Palace
  • Athens Discovery and Athenian Flavors
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 Istanbul City

Welcome to Istanbul! Upon your arrival at Istanbul Airport, you will meet with your experienced driver and enjoy a relaxing and scenic transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 Istanbul Asian Side Tour with Public Bosphorus Cruise

Today’s tour will take you through the cultural essence of Istanbul. Kuzguncuk, nestled in Istanbul’s Uskudar district on the Bosphorus’s Asian side, boasts a serene atmosphere amid nature preserves and historic sites. Its quiet streets are adorned with charming wooden houses. Explore the nearby Beylerbeyi Palace, a summer retreat for Ottoman royalty, before capturing breathtaking views from Camlica Hill. Sail along the Bosphorus on a private yacht, passing palaces and Ottoman villas. Conclude your journey at the Egyptian Bazaar, renowned for spices and Turkish delights. Enjoy a break at Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir’s, famed for inventing Turkish delight.

Day 3 Wonders of Istanbul

Embark on a journey through Istanbul’s iconic landmarks, starting at the Hippodrome, once a grand chariot racing venue. Explore the Blue Mosque, adorned with mesmerizing blue Iznik Tiles, and delve into the history of St. Sophia, an architectural marvel from the Byzantine era. Navigate the bustling Grand Bazaar, home to over 4,000 shops offering a diverse array of treasures. Wander through hidden courtyards and enjoy Turkish coffee at Sark Kahvesi, a historic coffee house dating back 400 years, amidst the Bazaar’s vibrant ambiance.

Day 4 Flight to Crete

Next stop, Chania! Upon your arrival at Istanbul Airport, you will meet with your experienced driver and enjoy a relaxing and scenic transfer to your hotel. On the northwest coast of Crete, Chania is a captivating blend of ancient history, Venetian charm, and breathtaking natural beauty. Its Old Town is a labyrinth of narrow alleys lined with Venetian and Turkish architecture, bustling with lively cafes and artisan shops. Explore the historic Venetian Harbor, where colorful fishing boats bob against a backdrop of pastel-hued buildings. With its crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and rugged landscapes, Chania offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and relaxation, making it a must-visit destination in Crete.

Day 5 Traditional Tour of West Crete

Start your day with a visit to the Tombs of the Venizelos Family, boasting unrivaled panoramic vistas just east of Chania town. Venture further east to discover the enchanting village of Gavalochori, home to the captivating Historic and Folk Arts Museum. Explore the ancient Monastery of St. George Karydiou, complete with a centuries-old olive oil factory featuring impressive arches. Immerse yourself in the olive oil production process with tours of both traditional and modern factories, topped off with a delightful olive oil-tasting experience. Conclude your excursion in the picturesque village of Vryses, renowned for its scenic water springs.

Day 6 The Marvelous Knossos Palace

Take your vacation on a higher level and delve deep into the core myths that frame Greek mythology with an immersive tour of Knossos Palace. Accompanied by your knowledgeable guide, journey to the awe-inspiring ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos, located south of Heraklion on Kephala hill. Learn about the fascinating archaeological excavations and the palace’s extensive restorations following the island’s seismic events. Unveil the secrets and history of this ancient site as you explore its storied past and marvel at its enduring beauty.

Day 7 Athens Discovery with Acropolis Museum

Today’s journey will take you to your final destination, the vibrant city of Athens. Delving into the heart of Greek culinary traditions, wander the streets alongside your expert guide, sampling delectable treats cherished by Athenians in their daily lives. Learn about the evolution of Greek cooking methods and discover authentic recipes passed down through generations. Visit dedicated artisans and specialty stores, sourcing the finest products from across the country. Your day culminates in a hidden gem, where you will unwind and indulge in a timeless Greek tradition of light snacks paired with local spirits, away from the tourist crowds.

Day 7 Traditional Tour of West Crete

Travel through ancient Athens, delving into myths, legends, and historic wonders. Begin with a stroll through the vibrant streets of Plaka in the Old Town. Explore the renowned Acropolis Museum, home to nearly 4,000 artifacts illuminating ancient Greek life. With your knowledgeable guide, discover the city’s reverence for Athena and delve into community and family dynamics. Continue to the Acropolis, passing through Propylaea’s gates, and marvel at the Parthenon‘s grandeur and evolving significance. Explore ancient ruins from the citadel and meander through old town alleys before arriving at Syntagma Square.

Day 8 Departure

As your journey through Istanbul, Crete, and Athens comes to a close, you reflect on the countless memories created during this extraordinary adventure. From the bustling streets of Istanbul’s Asian side to the tranquil waters of the Bosphorus, you’ve experienced the vibrant culture and rich history of Turkey. In Crete, you were immersed in the ancient traditions of West Crete, marveling at the magnificent Knossos Palace and its storied past. Finally, in Athens, you indulged in Athenian flavors while uncovering the city’s ancient wonders. With luxurious accommodations and unforgettable experiences, this Mediterranean journey has left an indelible mark on your soul, beckoning you to return and explore further.

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