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A Journey Through Craft and Culture

by Travelive Team

7 Nights/ 8 Days

Athens, Sounio

  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Athens
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Sounio
  • Discover Greek Jewelry Art tour
  • Weaving Experience
  • Athens Discovery with Acropolis Museum tour
  • Ceramics Workshop
  • Delphi Discovery Tour
  • Athens Local Food Tour
  • Knitting Workshop
  • Byzantine Mosaic Workshop
  • Cape Sounion Experience
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 -Welcome to Athens

Welcome to Athens, the cradle of Western civilization. Athens is a vibrant city that’s at once ancient and modern, classic, and constantly evolving. From its rich historical heritage along with the landmark Acropolis to hip and trendy bars to high-end boutiques and multicultural cuisine, Athens has it all. You will be picked up from Athens International Airport by your private driver and transferred to your luxury hotel. Enjoy your afternoon and evening exploring the historic neighborhood of Plaka or enjoying a leisurely stroll along Dionysiou Aeropagitou, a pedestrianized street that is the longest walkway in Athens and is akin to walking along a living open-air museum. Ask your Travel Advisor for recommendations of their favorite restaurants, cafes, and entertainment.

Day 2- Discover Greek Jewelry Art

Today, you will have the rare opportunity to discover the extensive history of Greek jewelry and hold historical unexhibited jewelry in your hands with an exclusive handling session at the Benaki Museum. You will meet an award-winning Greek jewelry designer and learn about the crafting tools and techniques used in the creation of fine jewelry masterpieces. Discover more than 6000 years of Greek jewelry with a special tour of the Benaki Museum and admire one-of-a-kind pieces from the museum’s collection step into the role of jewelry conservator and handle precious jewelry.

In the afternoon get ready to have a Weaving Experience! Accompanied by an experienced guide you will discover the art of weaving at the “Ifenin” Woven Exhibition Space. Experience hands-on workshops with natural materials on traditional and modern looms. Learn about the wool processing and weaving stages as you delve into the country’s rich heritage. Explore the showroom that features an array of beautifully woven carpets, pillows, bags, and jewelry. Unleash your creativity as you enjoy the serenity that the traditional activity of weaving offers.

Day 3 – Athens Discovery with Acropolis Museum

Experience a journey through ancient Athens, where myths, legends, and historical wonders await. Begin your day in the charming Old Town, meandering through the lively streets of Plaka. Explore the renowned Acropolis Museum, housing nearly 4,000 artifacts that provide fascinating glimpses into ancient Greek life. With your knowledgeable guide, delve into the city’s reverence for Athena and unravel the intricacies of community and family roles. Next, head to the Acropolis, passing through the grand gates of Propylaea. Behold the breathtaking magnificence of the Parthenon and contemplate its multifaceted history. Take in the ancient ruins scattered across the citadel before wandering through the alleys of the old town, eventually reaching Syntagma Square.

Later, you will have the chance to enjoy a Ceramics Workshop. Developed from a Mycenaean tradition, borrowing both pot forms and decoration, the art of ceramics in ancient Greece and evolved through centuries and from area to area throughout the country. Experience this artistic heritage and unleash your creativity in a traditional ceramic studio as you craft your own masterpiece.

Day 4- Delphi Discovery Tour

Take a leisurely drive through the plains of Beotia and the mountainous towns of Thebes, Levadia, and Arachova, en route to the Center of the Ancient World, Delphi, and finally Athens. Today you will immerse yourself in the myths and monuments of ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Delphi was proclaimed by Zeus to be the center of the universe. The UNESCO site was one of the most important religious and political sites of the ancient Greek world. Explore the Temple of Apollo, the site of the most famous ancient Greek oracle, and the ancient theater on the slopes of the mountain. Then visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, home to impressive votive offerings of the ancient Greeks to Apollo, such as the magnificent bronze statue of the Charioteer of Delphi and the sculpture of Agias, an Ancient Greek Athlete. After your tour enjoy lunch at your leisure in the village of Arahova.

Day 5- Athens Local Food Tour

Embark on a culinary exploration through Athens, discovering the depth of Greek flavors and their rich historical origins. This immersive culinary journey takes you into lesser-known neighborhoods, rarely visited by tourists. Treat yourself to a variety of delicacies, from olive oils and Greek cheeses to tsipouro, baklava, Greek coffee, and an array of tapas. Stimulate your senses as you navigate specialty food shops, traditional tavernas, and bustling open-air markets. Immerse yourself in the charm of residential areas away from the typical tourist path, while delving into the history of each family-owned establishment and learning about the esteemed “Mediterranean” diet.

After your delicious tour, you will be transferred to Sounio and check in at your hotel. Relax and enjoy the amenities of your hotel.

Day 6 -Knitting Workshop

Under the guidance of your skilled instructor, you’ll delve into the intricate craft of knitting, a timeless art form renowned for its stress-relieving qualities and capacity to foster creativity. Discover various techniques, materials, and designs, immersing yourself in this longstanding tradition. With hands-on practice, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the therapeutic benefits and artistic possibilities of knitting firsthand, paving the way for a fulfilling and rewarding journey of self-expression.

Day 7 – Byzantine Mosaic Workshop

Introduce your craft-making side to mosaics, a creative form of art Connected to the Muses by the ancient Greeks and Romans, mosaics required persistence and patience as much as creativity and vision. Learn the techniques that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary expressions and work on your unique piece with the guidance of your skilled master artisan. Get your hands on a variety of materials, such as marble and smalti, and create visually arresting works of art.

In the afternoon, don’t miss the opportunity for a Cape Sounion Experience. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf, Aegean blue scenery, and the famous Vouliagmeni Lake. Your journey leads to Cape Sounion, the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula, housing the renowned Temple of Poseidon. Built during the Golden Age of Greece, the site offers spectacular views against a dramatic mountain backdrop, making it a must-visit archaeological site.

Day 8- Departure

As your adventure comes to an end, filled with cherished memories and countless photographs, it’s time to say goodbye to Greece. Your driver will pick you up from your hotel and ensure you reach the airport in time for your flight back home.

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