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“I would highly recommend them!” – Jessica, USA

by Travelive Team

Exploring Greece is a journey through time and beauty, and this itinerary took Jessica and her companions on an unforgettable adventure through some of the country’s most iconic destinations. Beginning in Athens they delved into the ancient wonders of the Acropolis and embraced the vibrant energy of the city. Moving to Santorini – renowned for its stunning sunsets, white-washed buildings, and crystal-clear waters – they unveiled the traditional charm of the island. They visited rustic villages like Megalochori and Pyrgos and bathed in pristine beaches like Perissa. Their journey concluded in Crete, Greece’s largest island, where they explored its rich history and the beautiful nature of Elounda. Each destination offered a unique glimpse into Greece’s diverse landscape and heritage, making for an unforgettable adventure.

It’s always a pleasure to hear such kind words from our happy guests. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are thrilled to know you had an amazing time.

Check out Jessica’s experience!

“From Athens to Santorini to Crete, one beautiful place after another! The most amazing people, food, and history all in one! We will always have the best memories of this place. Every single thing went perfectly, and not one missed step. Every transfer and every tour were on time and waiting for us without confirmation! We needed to regroup due to the heat, and they stepped in and got us set in 20 minutes with a new tour and rides. I would highly recommend them!

We were super impressed with the coordination with hotels on the delivery of our ferry tickets. The transfer drivers were extremely professional. Our stay at the Minos Beach Art Hotel in Crete was particularly memorable. The hotel was an absolute gem, offering stunning views, remarkable architecture, and amazing décor.

Everybody we spoke to should go there unless they really require 5* ultra-luxury. The location, views, and attentive yet unobtrusive service were outstanding. We were also very impressed by the in-destination support that reorganized our tour with a new one in just 20 minutes when we needed to rework our plan in Crete due to heat exhaustion.

Overall, this trip was nothing short of amazing!”

Thank you, Jessica, for your wonderful feedback and for allowing us to participate in your unforgettable journey. We look forward to helping you plan many more adventures in the future! If you were inspired by these adventures, take a look at our destinations and contact us to start planning your own unforgettable journey.

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