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“The trip was amazing, thank you!”- Becca, USA

by Travelive Team

Enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures welcomed Becca and her fellow travelers on an enriching voyage through Athens, Naxos, and Santorini. In Athens, they immersed themselves in ancient history with a guided tour through the Acropolis Museum and the majestic Parthenon, marveling at the city’s dedication to Athena. Naxos surprised them with its rustic charm and a Sunset Catamaran cruise highlighted by swimming in clear waters and dining against the backdrop of Portara and Saint George Beach. Santorini dazzled with its iconic caldera views during a private sunset catamaran cruise, completing the unforgettable Greek odyssey that our Travel Planner, Sofia, designed.

We were thrilled to receive Becca’s feedback. She shared so many details from her trip, and her thoughts provided very constructive comments for us. Most importantly, we are delighted that she had such a rich and amazing experience!

We liked Athens way more than we expected! Our tour guide at the Acropolis was amazing, and we would highly recommend that for future trips. Our hotel was nice, although it hosted large groups, which made breakfast crowded and sometimes it took 10 minutes to get an elevator. Other than that, it was great! We waited for our car service at the Athens airport for about an hour. It was a little unsettling not knowing exactly what was happening and if we were getting picked up, but the app was great!

Upon initially arriving in Naxos, it was somewhat alarming when we turned onto a dirt road and were greeted by the “concierge” who was in a t-shirt and mesh shorts. However, once we got there and better understood the relaxing, rustic nature of Naxos, we loved it! We rented a car to see the island, and it was amazing to visit all the little towns. I highly recommend that. The sunset cruise was really nice! We only stopped at one spot, but the staff was so attentive and kind. Some of our favorite meals were at little taverns in Naxos, and we had some amazing sushi at Apanemi.

The hotel in Santorini was incredible! We loved it! The bike tour was my personal favorite. It was such a cool way to see the city, and our guide was excellent! I liked the catamaran tour much better in Santorini. We saw more of the island and got more time on the boat. Having the app to communicate with someone in Greece was a huge bonus! There were a couple of times where we had trouble finding our car service, and someone showed up to walk us to the car. They also did a great job arranging reservations for us and answering questions.”

We are glad to hear you had an amazing experience, Becca, and enjoyed the unique charm of each destination. Your feedback about the crowded breakfast at the Athens hotel and the initial uncertainty at the airport will help us improve our services. We’re glad you embraced the relaxing vibe of Naxos and had a great time exploring the island. Thank you for your wonderful comments and for choosing us to plan your unforgettable journey. We look forward to helping you plan many more adventures in the future!

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