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“A Journey Through the Heart of Italy”- Tara, USA

by Travelive Team

Exploring Italy is a dream come true for many, and Tara’s recent adventure brought them to the captivating cities of Florence, Rome, Sorrento, and the charming coastal town of Positano. From Florence’s rich artistic heritage to the ancient marvels of Rome, the tranquil beauty of Sorrento, and the stunning cliffs of Positano, this journey was truly magical. We are always thrilled to be working with amazing travel agents such Laura and create the perfect itineraries for our clients!

Here is the review that Laura kindly shared with us from Tara after her trip to Italy!

“I just wanted to let you know what an AMAZING trip we had. Every single detail was flawless. Every hotel was perfection, every car service was waiting on us and so friendly and accommodating.
I truly believe we wouldn’t have had the experience we did without you and your teams impeccable organization!!
Not a single detail was forgotten!
We will be going back to Italy, my husband and I already decided that’s where we want to spend our 20 year anniversary in a few years!
Again, thank you so much!!”

If you want to see some of our itineraries for Italy you can check here or request a quote!

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