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A Journey Through Portugal’s Timeless Charms

by Travelive Team

8 Nights/ 9 Days

Lisbon, Porto

  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Lisbon
  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Porto
  • Walking tour of Lisbon
  • Tuk Tuk tour and tasting
  • Tour to Sintra with Regaleira Palace
  • Coimbra and Obidos tour
  • Walking tour of Porto
  • Douro Valley tour
  • Local food, history, and secrets tour
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 -Welcome to Lisbon

The capital of Portugal will captivate you with its sights, aromas, sounds, and the perfect mixture of old and new. Wander through its seven hills with breathtaking views, embrace its abundant history and culture, take a photo or ten of the blue and white azulejos (tiles), ride the yellow tram, taste the Pasteis de Nata in Belem, soak up the atmosphere of Bairro Alto and Alfama, and, of course, end your day with the riveting sounds of Fado – the Portuguese blues.

Day 2- Walking tour of Lisbon

Set off on an enthralling journey through the captivating streets of Lisbon with today’s guided walking tour. Explore the city’s iconic neighborhoods, where a tapestry of history, culture, and local charm awaits discovery. Unearth the captivating stories hidden beneath Lisbon’s cobblestone pathways as your knowledgeable guide recounts centuries of enthralling history. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere, strolling through bustling markets, and charming cafes, and absorbing the lively energy of its inhabitants. Experience firsthand the harmonious blend of old-world allure and modern dynamism that defines the very essence of Lisbon’s core. Prepare to be spellbound by the irresistible charm of this dynamic and captivating city.

Day 3 – Tuk Tuk tour and tasting

Introduce your palate to Portuguese delicacies and traditional flavors. During this delicious Eco Tuk Tuk Tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy gourmet highlights in the finest examples of rustic “tascas” and modern restaurants, a core part of the local culture. Fall in love with Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, and immerse yourself in the history of Portugal revealed through the picturesque surroundings. Riding up the hill, you will witness the stunning view of Senhora do Monte Belvedere. Before this full experience is complete, you will visit Baixa, Lisbon’s trendiest neighborhood, a gathering place for artists, bohemians, and avant-garde personalities, and the beating heart of this European capital.

Day 4- Tour to Sintra with Regaleira Palace

Fall in love with the enchanting town of Sintra, renowned for its fairy-tale-like palaces, charming streets, and lush gardens nestled amidst sinuous hills. Begin in Sintra’s historic center, exploring cobbled streets and colorful facades, and discovering quaint shops and traditional Portuguese cafes. Next, visit Quinta da Regaleira, a core part of Sintra’s cultural landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Designed by Italian architect Luigi Manini, this Romantic Palace features a chapel and a lush park with lakes, grottoes, and fountains. On your return to Lisbon, marvel at the coastal wonder of Boca do Inferno before journeying along the scenic Marginal Road.

Day 5- Lisbon to Porto with visit-stops in Coimbra and Obidos

As you journey towards Porto, seize the opportunity to pause and explore two of the region’s most picturesque towns. Coimbra, nestled in central Portugal, boasts a renowned cultural and academic heritage. The esteemed University of Coimbra sets an intellectual tone, complemented by the Baroque splendor of the Joanina Library, where rare books await discovery. Meander through the cobblestone streets of the historic center, immersing yourself in Portugal’s rich heritage and vibrant arts scene. Further along the route lies Obidos, a medieval gem embraced by ancient walls. Its enchanting allure, characterized by whitewashed houses and vibrant blossoms, beckons you to journey back in time and savor its quaint charm.

Day 6 -Walking tour of Porto

Guided by your knowledgeable local, you’ll set out to uncover Porto’s hidden gems and secret spots, immersing yourself in a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Your adventure begins with a meeting with your guide, who will lead you through the iconic buildings and facades of Porto. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, Porto’s historic heart holds countless treasures waiting to be discovered. Your journey will take you along Aliados Avenue, past the intricate façade of S. Bento train station, amidst vibrant street art, into traditional stores, to the majestic Clérigos church, through the peaceful Cordoaria garden, to the renowned Lello bookstore, along the charming Flowers street, and finally, to soak in the ambiance of Ribeira.

Day 7 – 4WD Douro Valley tour

Explore the Douro Valley from a unique perspective on this 4×4 tour. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Portugal, admire the terraced vineyards of the country’s most famous wine area, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travel along the mountains through the vines and enjoy a picnic in a place with superb views. Take your time to admire the twists and turns of this sinuous river and dive into the local customs and ceremonies. Before this full experience is complete, you will have the opportunity to for a Port Wine Tasting in a typical Douro “Quinta” and learn more about Port Wine and its qualities.

Day 8 – Local food history and secrets tour

Today’s exceptional culinary journey offers a fresh perspective on exploring local gastronomy. Accompanied by acclaimed food writers and authors from Lonely Planet, you’ll delve into the intricacies of Porto’s culinary delights, unraveling their secrets, history, and cultural context. Your adventure begins with a visit to the city’s primary market, where you’ll immerse yourself in its vibrant atmosphere, engage with local vendors, and gain insights into how the city’s chefs select their fresh ingredients. Continuing through Porto’s charming backstreets, you’ll encounter some of its most iconic establishments, discovering gastronomic treasures such as specialty grocery stores, taverns, and cozy snack bars. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the exquisite offerings of local pastry shops, where you’ll savor delicacies from Portugal’s renowned conventual pastry tradition.

Day 9- Departure

As your adventure comes to an end, filled with cherished memories and numerous photographs, it’s time to bid farewell to Portugal. Your driver will pick you up from your hotel and ensure you reach the airport in time for your flight back home.

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