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12 Nights/ 13 Days

Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto

Indulge in a luxurious journey through the vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes of Spain and Portugal with our meticulously crafted itinerary. Begin with three nights of opulent accommodation in Barcelona, where you’ll immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Gaudi’s architectural marvels. Continue your lavish escape with three nights in Madrid, followed by Lisbon and Porto, each offering its own blend of culture, history, and luxury. Experience the finest wines and tapas on guided tours, wander through the charming streets of Sintra, and uncover the breathtaking beauty of the Douro Valley. With seamless transfers and daily breakfast included, every moment of your Mediterranean adventure promises to be an unforgettable delight.

  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Barcelona
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Madrid
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Lisbon
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Porto
  • Gaudi Marvels
  • Wine and Tapas Tours
  • The Charming Sintra
  • Douro Valley Discovery
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 Barcelona Essence

Welcome to Spain! Upon your arrival at Barcelona Airport, you will meet with your experienced driver and enjoy a relaxing and scenic transfer to Barcelona City.

Day 2 Gaudi Wonders in Barcelona

Discover Barcelona’s iconic sites, accompanied by your English-speaking experienced guide. Begin your journey around the Gaudi marvels and immerse yourself in the life, work, and influence of the renowned architect. Marvel at the Sagrada Familia, a world-renowned Catholic basilica, adhering to the dress code. This architectural masterpiece, begun in 1852, remains under construction. Continue to Park Guell, where a guided tour reveals Gaudi’s organic style in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Next, explore Passeig de Gracia, admiring modernist buildings and learning their history. Conclude with Casa Battlo, a stunning example of Gaudi’s visionary design, originally built by Emilio Sala Cortés in 1877.

Day 3 Barcelona for Art and Wine Lovers

This tailor-made experience offers the best of Barcelona’s current exhibits. Accompanied by your experienced guide, customize your day and explore top museums and art galleries, gaining rich insights at each site. Discover masterpieces at the Picasso Museum, delve into contemporary works at the MACBA, and admire Catalan art at MNAC. Your guide will provide fascinating details, ensuring a deep appreciation of Barcelona’s vibrant art scene. Continue your day with an exploration of the origins of Catalan wine and its renowned sparkling cava with your expert sommelier. Wine production in Catalonia dates back over 2,500 years to the Greeks and expanded under Roman influence. Despite the 1800s phylloxera crisis, Catalonia began producing the world-famous cava. With 12 designations of origin, Catalonia offers diverse and exceptional wines. Enjoy a wine-tasting experience that highlights the rich history and flavors of Catalan wines.

Day 4 The Other Side of Spain

Today’s journey will take you to the other side of Spain to the beautiful city of Madrid. Spain’s vibrant capital blends rich history with modern flair. With its majestic Royal Palace, masterpieces at the Prado Museum, and the bustling Plaza Mayor, Madrid bristles with cultural wonders. Additionally, the city’s lively atmosphere is evident in its tapas bars, flamenco shows, and bustling markets like El Rastro. Madrid’s diverse neighborhoods, from the trendy Malasaña to the upscale Salamanca, offer unique experiences. Whether enjoying a sunset at Retiro Park or shopping along Gran Vía, Madrid captivates with its dynamic culture and charm. Relax as you enjoy a seamless transfer and a scenic train ride.

Day 5 City Tour and Prado Museum

Gain deep insights into Madrid’s most iconic neighborhoods, such as Old Madrid and the upscale Salamanca District. Travel along Castellana Avenue, the city’s main artery, to see the emblematic Cibeles and Neptune fountains, the National Library, Palacio Cibeles, and the National Bank of Spain. Visit Prado Museum, Spain’s premier art museum. Delve into the stories surrounding masterpieces like Velazquez’s Las Meninas, Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, and Goya’s The Third of May 1808, as you enjoy today’s guided tour.

Day 6 Madrid Traditions

Today’s tour offers a delicious experience in the heart of old Madrid. Accompanied by your experienced guide, embark on a gastronomic journey through Spanish tapas, a vital part of local culture. In Spain, food and conversation are paramount, and socializing while eating is a cherished tradition. Mingle with locals in traditional city taverns, learn the art of ordering a beer, and discover the perfect time to enjoy vermouth. Conclude your day at Corral de la Moreria, one of the world’s most renowned Flamenco venues, that has captivated audiences since 1956. Known for its unwavering dedication to excellence, it features award-winning artists celebrated in Spain and top Flamenco festivals. The venue offers an unparalleled experience, showcasing the finest Flamenco talent. Enhancing this cultural delight is its Michelin-starred restaurant, adding a gourmet dimension to the evening. A visit to Corral de la Moreria promises a unique and unforgettable blend of music, dance, and cuisine.

Day 7 On Your Way to Lisbon

Your adventure continues in Lisbon. Portugal’s vibrant capital offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and modernity. The charming Alfama district with its narrow streets and Fado music, The historic Belém Tower, and Jerónimos Monastery make it a must-see destination in Europe. Discover the lively Bairro Alto for its nightlife and trendy shops. Lisbon’s rich culinary scene, featuring delicious pastéis de nata and fresh seafood, ensures an unforgettable travel experience.

Day 8 Walking Tour of Lisbon

Today’s exciting walking tour will guide you through Lisbon, a city rich in history and caressed by the salty breeze of the Tagus River. Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s essence, where the past seamlessly blends with the present along its cobbled streets. Feel the city’s vibrant pulse, shaped by the Tagus’ ebb and flow. Discover stunning viewpoints and gain deep insights into Portuguese daily life and history from your local guide, revealing the enduring charm and evolving story of Lisbon.

Day 9 Sintra and Regaleira Palace

Fall in love with the enchanting town of Sintra, renowned for its fairy-tale-like palaces, charming streets, and lush gardens nestled amidst sinuous hills. Begin in Sintra’s historic center, exploring cobbled streets and colorful facades, and discovering quaint shops and traditional Portuguese cafes. Next, visit Quinta da Regaleira, a core part of Sintra’s cultural landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Designed by Italian architect Luigi Manini, this Romantic palace features a chapel and a lush park with lakes, grottoes, and fountains. On your return to Lisbon, marvel at the coastal wonder of Boca do Inferno before journeying along the scenic Marginal Road.

Day 10 Final Destination: Porto

Heading to Porto, Portugal’s picturesque gem along the Douro River, promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and culinary delights. The narrow streets of the Ribeira district, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lined with colorful buildings and lively cafes, the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge spanning the river, and the charming wine cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, showcase a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere that captivates every traveler’s heart.

Day 11 Walking Tour of Porto

Accompanied by your experienced guide, uncover Porto‘s hidden treasures and local secrets in a relaxed and welcoming ambiance. Delve into Porto’s iconic architecture and facades with a breezy walking tour of the city. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, Porto’s historic heart awaits exploration. Wander through Aliados Avenue, admire the S. Bento train station’s beauty, and discover street art, traditional shops, the majestic Clérigos church, Cordoaria garden, Lello bookstore, Flower Street, and the charming Ribeira district.

Day 12 Douro Valley Discovery Tour

Embark on a captivating journey to uncover the treasures of the Douro region. Begin your adventure in the historic town of Amarante, home to the enchanting Church of Saint Goncalo. Continuing to Regua, the heart of the Douro, you will explore one of the world’s earliest demarcated wine regions. Indulge in a visit to a carefully selected Port Wine Estate, savoring the essence of Douro’s exceptional wines. After a delightful lunch, enjoy the scenic beauty of the Douro Valley en route to the majestic Mateus Manor House near Vila Real, famed for its association with Mateus Rose Wine. Conclude this extraordinary day with a private boat tour on the Douro River, soaking in its beauty before returning to Porto.

Day 13 Departure

As your adventure concludes, it’s time to say goodbye. This Mediterranean journey revealed the heritage of iconic cities and enriched your experience with cherished memories that will last for a lifetime.

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