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Coastal Charms and Timeless Romance of Italy

by Travelive Team

20 Nights/ 21 Days

Positano, Capri, Rome, Florence, Lake Como, Verona, Venice

  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Positano
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Capri
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Rome
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Florence
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Porto Venere
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Lake Como
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Verona
  • 2 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Dolomites
  • 3 Nights Luxury Accommodation in Venice
  • Single Day cruise on the Amalfi Coast
  • Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour
  • Tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Walking Tour of Florence with Academy Museum
  • Lake Como Boat Tour
  • Venice City Tour and Gondola Ride
  • Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily


Day 1 Naples Airport to Positano

Welcome to Italy! Once you arrive at Naples Airport you will meet with your experienced driver and enjoy a relaxing and scenic drive to Positano.

Day 2 Amalfi Coast private cruise

Experience luxury amidst breathtaking landscapes on a yacht cruise around the Amalfi Coast. Sail past colorful villages clinging to rugged cliffs, indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared onboard, and dive into azure waters for a refreshing swim in hidden coves. Unforgettable moments await.

Day 3 Transfer from Positano to Capri

The cosmopolitan island of Capri awaits you today! Once you check in you can relax and enjoy the amenities of your hotel, or simply stroll around the picturesque alleys of Capri.

Day 4 Day at leisure in Capri

Capri, a jewel of the Mediterranean, captivates with its stunning beauty. From the iconic Faraglioni rocks to the vibrant Piazzetta, explore enchanting vistas and chic boutiques. If you wish, you can enjoy a cruise day around Capri that will allow you to dive into crystal-clear waters. Alternatively, you can savor local delicacies for an unforgettable island escape.

Day 5 Transfer from Capri to Rome

If there is one Italian town you will visit in your life, it must be Rome. The Eternal City has the most historic monuments, combined with exquisite architecture and the finest cuisine. Don’t forget to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain so you can visit Italy again and explore it some more!

Day 6 Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour

Embark on a journey through time! Your professional English-speaking guide will take you through the history of ancient Rome, visiting some of the most outstanding monuments of the city. Your first stop will be the Colosseum, the most known landmark of Ancient Rome. Your guide will provide a memorable narrated tour and will vividly describe the history of the Colosseum, which remains the largest amphitheater ever built. Your next stop will be the Roman Forum, where you will discover the remains of several government buildings of great importance to the ancient Romans, as this was the former political center of the city. You will then walk along the Via Sacra, the “sacred way” as the Romans called their main street leading to the top of the Capitoline Hill. Your last stop will be a visit to Palatine Hill, one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The hill looks down over the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman chariot racing stadium.

Day 7 Tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica

Explore some of the world’s most renowned landmarks accompanied by your knowledgeable guide who will share the history, lesser-known details, and intriguing stories of these magical sites. Your exploration starts with the grandiose Vatican Museum with masterpieces from the masters of the Renaissance period including the famous Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. After a brief walk through the streets of the Vatican, you will then reach St Peter’s Basilica, one of the most important Christian monuments in the World, where you will among other sights be able to explore the Pietà by Michelangelo in great detail.

Day 8 Transfer From Rome to Florence

After breakfast, your private driver will wait for you at your hotel to transfer you to Florence. The heart of the Italian Renaissance awaits for you to explore it!

Day 9 Walking Tour of Florence with Academy Museum

Once you meet your guide you will start a relaxed walking tour of the great city of Florence. By walking through the medieval streets of this Renaissance city, you will reach Piazza del Duomo, with the magnificent Duomo Complex that includes the Duomo Cathedral with its imposing dome by Brunelleschi, recognized as the architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance, Giotto’s Bell Tower, one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture in Florence, the Baptistry dedicated to St. John the Baptist, with its wonderful gilded bronze Doors of Paradise, one of the Florentine Renaissance masterpieces by Lorenzo Ghiberti (no internal visits), just to name a few. You will also get to visit the Academy of Fine Arts with the David by Michelangelo, which represents the symbol of Florentine Renaissance art.

Day 10 Transfer from Florence to Porto Venere

Perched on Italy’s Ligurian coast, Porto Venere enchants its colorful waterfront, medieval streets, and UNESCO-listed landmarks like the Church of St. Peter. Discover its maritime charm and breathtaking vistas.

Day 11 Day at Leisure

In Porto Venere, embrace the allure of the Ligurian coast. Wander through charming alleyways, savoring fresh seafood and gelato. Admire the panoramic views from Doria Castle and relax on the rocky beaches. Let the coastal beauty of Porto Venere captivate your senses.

Day 12 Porto Venere to Lake Como

Today’s transfer will lead you to Lake Como. Nestled in the Italian Alps, the Lake exudes timeless elegance with its tranquil waters and picturesque villages. Explore grand villas, lush gardens, and alpine vistas for an unforgettable lakeside retreat.

Day 13 Lake Como Boat Tour

Today’s tour is the perfect opportunity to discover the picturesque Lake Como. You will begin your tour with a leisurely tour around the shores of this lovely lake and marvel at all your magnificent surroundings like the views of the grand villas of the Italian nobility, most of which, have now been bought by wealthy industrialists or movie stars. Then you moor in Como for a stop and a stroll in the center, before returning.

Day 14 Transfer from Lake Como to Verona

Today’s transfer will take you to the historic city of Verona.

Day 15 day at leisure

You will have the day to yourself to explore the city. Immerse yourself in romance and history. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets, admire the ancient Roman Arena, and stroll along the serene Adige River. Indulge in local delicacies and cap off the day with a sunset view from Piazza delle Erbe.

Day 16 Transfer from Verona to the Dolomites

After breakfast, you will meet your driver and enjoy a scenic drive until you reach the Dolomites. Don’t forget to enjoy the amenities of your hotel and admire the surrounding nature.

Day 17 day at leisure

For all nature enthusiasts, the Dolomites hold many treasures. Depending on the season, ask your Travelive agent to plan a tailor-made experience for you.

Day 18 Transfer from the Dolomites to Venice

Today’s transfer will take you to the romantic city of Venice.

Day 19 Venice City Tour and Gondola Ride

This enchanting panoramic tour will show you the very best of this unique city. Explore St. Mark’s Square and its main monuments and find out more about their fascinating history. Revel in the richness of St. Mark’s Basilica with its incredible marbles and mosaics, before continuing to the Doge’s Palace was the center of power during the golden days of the Venetian Republic, or Serenissima as the locals called it. Given that the Basilica is a religious monument, proper attire is required and for security reasons, no bags or backpacks should be carried inside. After the very informative tour of the Doge’s Palace, you will pass through the famous Bridge of Sighs or Ponte dei Sospiri and reach the Prison’s Palace which is linked to the Doge’s Palace and housed one of the most ancient magistracies of the Venetian Republic “Notte al Criminal”. At the end of the tour explore the maze of canals from your very own gondola while the gondolier knowingly steers the boat through the intricate and small waterways of Venice.

Day 20 day at leisure

In Venice, lose yourself in a maze of enchanting canals and ornate bridges. Explore iconic landmarks like St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, savoring authentic Italian cuisine along the way. Let the city’s timeless charm sweep you away. Alternatively, you can ask your Travelive agent to suggest the best tours around Venice, Murano, and Burano.

Day 21 Departure

After 20 exciting days, many memories, and countless photos you will meet your driver at your hotel and reach the airport to catch your flight back home.

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