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The Perfect Mediterranean Filming Locations – As Seen on Your Favorite TV Show ​

by Travelive Team

Choosing the Mediterranean as the backdrop for a TV series is a no-brainer. With so many breathtaking landscapes, including stunning coastlines, picturesque villages, ancient ruins, and diverse natural environments, this part of the world offers itself as an ideal backdrop for any filming occasion without the need for excessive use of CGI. This natural diversity allows for the creation of varied and dynamic settings, accommodating the needs of filmmakers across genres, whether it be romantic comedies, historical epics, or action-packed thrillers. If you have binge-watched any of the biggest recent hits on HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney, chances are, they were filmed in the Mediterranean, and here are some of our recent favorites:

White Lotus Season 2 – A Love Letter to Sicily

Is there a better place to start than the beautiful island of Sicily? The answer may vary according to your personal preferences, however, if you have watched the second season of White Lotus, you will know why this is where we chose to start the article.  Catania, Taormina, Cefalù, Palermo, and several other hidden places dressed the story with a unique background, combining the natural and the cultural beauty of the Mediterranean in a subtle but important way, as several points of touristic interest – otherwise unknown to the common visitor – came to the surface and justifiably caught our attention.

Teatro Antico di Taormina, Sicily

San Domenico Palace, Taormina

The Four Seasons Hotel in Taormina was the main filming location for White Lotus Season 2. Located high above the enchanting town of Taormina, San Domenico Palace is a luxurious haven offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. This historic hotel, nestled within a former 15th-century Dominican monastery, blends timeless elegance with modern comforts. Besides its unparalleled atmosphere, San Domenico Palace is a perfect choice to explore Sicily as you indulge in exquisite cuisine, relax by the infinity pool, or explore the nearby ruins of Taormina’s ancient Theater (Teatro Antico).

San Domenico Palace, A Four Seasons Hotel, Taormina

The di Grasso family journey and the Godfather nostalgia

Following the di Grassos’ quest to explore their family roots paired with Bert’s admiration of “The Godfather”, you will be pleasantly surprised by the rustic countryside of Sicily and its timeless allure, especially if you decide to embark on the Godfather tour. Experience the captivating allure of Fiumefreddo, Forza d’Agrò, and Savoca, where you will feel like you stepped back in time to the 1940s, in places carefully chosen by Francis Ford Coppola because of their authenticity. Do not miss the legendary Bar Vitelli in Savoca, a special place that preserves the ambiance of this era and Godfather memorabilia. 

Cefalù for the win

A small seaside town, Cefalù appears in the series many times, its beautiful sandy beaches, the view of Piazza Marina, and the magnificent Cathedral all serve as the perfect background. Enjoy an ice cream following the steps of Portia and Jack in the charming narrow alleys or recreate Daphne’s dive in the opening scene. Cefalù is the embodiment of the perfect Mediterranean holiday destination. 

Cefalù, sunset

Villa Tasca; unparallel classical decor

Have you experienced an awe-inspiring travel moment recently? You know that feeling when you visit a place, and you are fully prepared for what awaits, but once you arrive reality exceeds your expectations? The classical elegance of Villa Tasca does exactly that. Don’t worry, Harper had the same reaction when Daphne strung her along on what was supposed to be a one-day excursion away from their husbands and White Lotus. They ended up staying the night in this 18th-century beauty nestled on the road from Palermo to Monreale and bonded over their marital troubles underneath abundant Murano chandeliers and surrounded by frescoes, majolica tiles, and a beautiful garden full of citrus and ancient trees. 

The Charming Isola Bella

We couldn’t finish the White Lotus locations recap without a brief mention of the idyllic Isola Bella. Brief only because this spot is already famous due to its stripe-like beach, but we could not skip it because it appears more than once in the series.

Isola Bella, Taormina, Sicily

The Witcher – Showcasing the Natural Beauty of the Canary Islands

Spoiler alert, this is not going to be a Henry Cavil special – although the female members of our staff would not object. Instead, this will be an exploration of some of the amazing locations across the Canary Islands where parts of The Witcher were filmed. The beautiful Canary Islands appear in the epic series as the perfect representation of the land of wild, rough nature from the minds of the original game creators. From lush forests to dramatic mountains, the Canaries are a wonderful place to get an exotic feel of the Mediterranean landscape.

Cascada de Los Tilos and El Cedro

Following Ciri’s escape, we follow the camera in the series through endless frames of blooming vegetation. And before you utter the term CGI, we can tell you that these landscapes can be found in the Las Nieves Natural Park, the perfect hiking destination if you are visiting La Palma. As a bonus, be sure to visit the waterfall at Cascada de Los Tilos for the perfect Insta-moment. On the other hand, if you find yourself in La Gomera, which earned the status of a Biosphere Reserve in 2012, you can follow the hiking trails at El Cedro, a hidden gem of La Gomera. A must-see for nature aficionados is also Parque Rural de Anaga, just a half-hour drive north of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With ancient rainforests and fascinating beaches, the Canaries offer a wonderful option for your summer vacay.

Dunas de Maspalomas

You do not have to go as far as the Middle East to take that swoon-worthy desert social media image, as Dunas de Maspalomas in Gran Canaria offers a more compact version of the sandy background, with the same wow effect but half the effort. If you have the courage and stamina, hike the Chemin de Randonnée and marvel at the otherworldly scenery recreating the moment in The Witcher where Yennefer opens the mysterious portals. Combine it with a stay at Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel, for an unforgettable blend of luxury and adventure.

Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Province of Las Palmas

One more off-the-beaten-path filming location for those who made it this far – Cáceres

Hidden on the west side of Spain lies a small town of impeccable beauty, Cáceres. Why did we leave it for the very end of the post you ask? Well, as millennials and big fans of Game of Thrones and, inevitably, House of the Dragon, it is our duty to let you know that there, you will find the other version of King’s Landing. If you feel Dubrovnik is overcrowded, here you can relive the raw medieval magic of the series. In these streets, Euron Greyjoy’s walk of triumph took place from Santa Maria Square to the Arch of La Estrella. The dark surroundings serve as a great background for when Rhaenyra sneaks out for a secret tour of the town’s pleasures with Daemon. At the staircase in Plaza de San Jorge, TV audiences saw the battle with Prince Aegon Targaryen when the Green Council found him. So, if your wanderlust ever drives you to explore the lesser-known areas of Spain – the labyrinthine alleys of Cáceres, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, are a must-see. 

Cáceres, Spain

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